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Letter From Secretary-General

Dear delegates, advisors, participants and guests;

I cannot explain that how honored and excited i am to welcome you all to the first official and hopefully annual session of Atakent Anatolian High School Model United Nations Conference. I remember the day which we sat to a café with our lovely Director General Doğa Başaran.The first thing that we said was "why don't we make our dream become real?". That was the beginning of everything that we were going to live. The first Person that we asked to join our team was Deniz Özkan. I didn't expect him to join our team, even though he was my first chair. He proved me wrong with saying "I'd love to join". That was the time that i said "We are going to do it!".

Let's talk a little bit about ATAMUN'20; Our conference will be held in Atakent Anatolian High School and the date of the conference is 29-30-31 January and 1 February. The advantages of our conference are it's prestigious team, flawless location and the magnificent building that the conference will be held in. We would love to see you in the first official session of Atakent Anatolian High School Model United Nations Conference! -Doru Güleyen

Letter From

All participants of ATAMUN'20,

This was my dream to make this conference happen and I honestly cannot even imagine that I'm going to write this letter. In the first day we talked about this project, my hands were sweating from excitement. But our esteemed secretary General Doru Güleyen helped me a lot and I'm so grateful to have Him. Recently, everything is going well and planned in line. And we are transported from joy to welcome you all soon. I'm very excited about the opportunity to meet with you all in ATAMUN'20
-Doğa Başaran

Meet Executive

Doru Güleyen


Deniz Özkan

Deputy Secretary-General

Doğa Başaran


Deniz BAŞARAN & Nursima GÜLEÇ

Deputy Directors-General

İzmir, Karşıyaka

Atakent Anatolian High School

Wednesday to Saturday

29-30-31 January & 1 February

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